Best Wireless Reversing Camera For Motorhome UK

  • By: Phil Taylor
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The best wireless reversing camera for motorhome UK is a must-have for every vehicle. It helps the driver to see what’s behind the vehicle, which can be especially useful when you are reversing in a narrow space or parking in a tight spot.

A wireless reversing camera is mounted on the back of your vehicle and sends images of what’s behind it to your in-car screen or your smartphone. They are easy to install and use, and can be installed by anyone without any specialist skills, which also makes them cheaper than other types of cameras.

Wireless reversing cameras are available in all shapes and sizes so finding one that suits you shouldn’t be too difficult. The best wireless reversing camera for motorhome UK will depend on a few things.

When looking for a reversing camera for your motorhome, there are a few factors to consider. The first is size – you will want a camera that is not too large or bulky, as it will need to be able to fit comfortably on the back of your vehicle. The second is image quality – you will want a camera that provides a clear, sharp image so that you can see what is happening behind your vehicle clearly. The third is wireless – wireless reversing camera will allow you to place the camera wherever you like, without having to worry about running cables from the camera to the display.

This article will help you find the best wireless reversing camera for your motorhome.

One of the best wireless reversing cameras on the market is the AUTO-VOX W10 Wireless Reversing Camera.

AUTO-VOX Solar Reversing Camera Wireless Kit.
AUTO-VOX Solar Reversing Camera Wireless Kit.
  • Wireless
  • Digital Signal
  • 1 Camera Channel
  • Monitor Size 5″TFT
  • Camera Power Source 2800mah Solar Battery
  • Optional Parking Lines Yes
  • Optional Image 2 Kinds: Mirror/Normal Image
  • Waterproof
  • Night Vision

AUTO-VOX W10 Wireless Reversing Camera.
AUTO-VOX W10 Wireless Reversing Camera.
  • Wireless
  • Signal Digital
  • Optional Image 4 Kinds: Mirror/Normal/Up/Down Image
  • Monitor Size 7″TFT
  • Night Vision IR Night Vision
  • Optional Parking Lines
  • Waterproof
  • Monitor Mounting Position Dashboard
  • Camera Power Source Reversing Light
  • Made For Motorhomes
Cargoplay Solar Reversing Camera Wireless Kit.
Cargoplay Solar Reversing Camera Wireless Kit.
  • Wireless
  • Signal Digital
  • 4 Kinds: Mirror/Normal/Up/Down Image
  • Monitor Size 5″TFT
  • Night Vision IR Night Vision
  • Can add additional Camera
  • Waterproof
  • Monitor Mounting Position Dashboard
  • Camera Power Source Solar Power
best wireless reversing camera for motorhome uk

Best Wireless Reversing Camera For Motorhome UK List

AUTO-VOX W10 Wireless Reversing Camera For Motorhome.
  • IR Excellent Night Vision
  • Long Range Reception Distance for Large Vehicles: W10 has a reception distance up to 12 meters. Besides, you can add the extension antenna on it to expand the reception distance up to 20 meters. 7 inch large screen and 135 degrees wide view angle give you more details on the screen and reduce more blind spots.
  • Equipped with advanced sensor and 2.4GHz digital wireless transmission technology, it provides stable image without lag or flickers even in the speed up to 60km/h. It can reduce the risks of traffic accidents. Improved the driving and parking safety.
  • Wireless Design for Easy Installation & Reliable Customer Service
  • Supports 2 camera channels, and features split-screen to show two videos simultaneously. 
AUTO-VOX Solar Reversing Camera Wireless Kit
  • Save £150 in 5 Mins DIY: No drilling, no wiring or no professional installation skills required! 
  • Powered By the Sun: If solar panel receives 30 mins daily exposure to the sunlight, only charge it once a year. 
  • Real-time image & 100% No Interference: When you’re driving, you can trigger the monitor on with an easy press and easily see what’s behind your car. Images are smooth without any flicker. It delivers digital signals which will not be interfered with other devices, such as Bluetooth.
  • Safe Parking at Low Light Night: Solar 1 has superior low-light vision. Even in a dark environment, you can reverse easily and safely under a low-light source, such as your reversing lights.
  • IP68 Waterproof & High Compatibility: No need to worry about the water get into your backup camera or its micro USB input port. Suitable for vehicles with a length up to 32 ft, like Cars, Pickups, Camper, SUVs, Caravan, and Minivans.
SunGo2 Solar Reversing Camera Wireless Kit
  • Solar Power  (large-capacity battery has super endurance).
  • JX-H65 image processor, the image clarity and brightness presented by sungo2 are greatly improved, providing you with vivid pictures no matter it is day or night.
  • SunGo2 supports connecting two cameras at the same time. 
  • Completely wireless installation, no need to connect the camera to reversing light, no need to connect the monitor to camera. 
  • Using digital wireless frequency modulation technology, which greatly improves the ability of anti-interference and crosstalk. It brings you a stable and smooth 720P image without any flicker even under the car speeds up to 50-60 mph.
iStrong FHD 1080P Digital Wireless Reversing Camera.
  • Upgraded Split Display and Dash Cam record functions with 32GB micro SD Card included : Single full view/Split dual view monitoring wireless cameras.Provided you greater visual security..
  • HD clear pictures.
  • Digital wireless super stability, high speed without interference,
  • Very easy to install.
  • IP69 waterproof with 150° wide viewing angle
  • If you need a stronger antenna with 12 ft extensions for special or Enhanced signal range use contact us.
URVOLAX Wireless Reversing Camera Digital Van Reverse Camera Kit
  • Wireless Digital Transmission.
  • HD backup camera is upgraded from traditional analogue rear camera.
  • Super Night Vision,Wide View Angle.
  • 7 inch LCD Monitor.
  • Waterproof Parking Camera with Adjustable Guide Lines.
  • Easy Installation, Flexible Mounting.

Questions And Answers

1. What are the benefits of using a wireless reversing camera? 

There are a few benefits of using a wireless reversing camera. One is that it can provide a wider field of view than a traditional reversing camera. This can be helpful in tight spaces or when reversing in a busy area. Another benefit is that a wireless reversing camera can be installed without having to run any cables. This can be helpful if you don’t have a lot of space or if you don’t want to drill any holes in your car.  

2. What factors should you consider when purchasing a wireless reversing camera? 

When purchasing a wireless reversing camera, you should consider the camera’s field of view, resolution, and night vision. You should also consider the camera’s ease of installation and whether it is compatible with your vehicle.  

3. How do wireless reversing cameras work? 

Wireless reversing cameras are mounted in the rear bumper of a vehicle and transmit an image to a display in the cabin. The camera is activated when the vehicle is placed in reverse, and the image is displayed on the screen in the cabin. The camera can be used to help the driver back the vehicle into a parking space.  

4. What are the different types of wireless reversing cameras? 

There are three main types of wireless reversing cameras, the first is an interior mirror system. This type of camera is mounted inside the rearview mirror and uses a screen on the back of the front-passenger seat for viewing. The second type of camera is an exterior mirror system. These cameras are mounted on either side of the vehicle and use a screen on the dashboard for viewing. The third type of

5.Do I need a reversing camera for my motorhome?

We would always recommend getting a wireless reversing camera, as it’s not easy to see what is directly behind you if you don’t drive a longer vehicle all the time. For the sake of a few extra pounds, it’s worth the investment to save any damage.

Helpful Tips

What are the wireless range of reversing cameras?

What should I be looking for in a motorhome reversing camera?

The reversing camera is a device that is installed in the back of your motorhome and it helps you to see what’s behind you when you are reversing.

Before purchasing a reversing camera, it is important to know what type of camera would suit your needs. The most popular types of cameras are:

  • A rear-view mirror.
  • A side view camera.
  • A front view camera.
  • A 360 degree rotating camera.


When we’re talking about a wireless reversing camera for motorhomes, the best one will be the one that suits your specific needs. If you’re simply looking for one when reversing, then a solar-powered model might work. If you’ll be using the camera while driving around, then you’ll need one that plugs into your car’s battery and is therefore always on when needed. We hope you have found the perfect wireless reversing camera.